As an Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, we specialize in precision manufacturing of printed circuit board and system level assemblies. Since 1989, we’ve been known as a quality leader in high-mix, high-complexity projects. Today, we’re continually finding new ways to drive down costs while maintaining our high level of flexibility and responsiveness.

By incorporating advanced Tier One technologies and systems, it allows us to manufacture various designs with various complexities, from simple commercial PCBAs to more complex higher dense circuits with BGAs, Flip Chip, and Chip On-Board (COB) technologies. Whether you need assembly services for a new design, or higher volume manufacturing with fully managed documentation and material purchasing, we have what it takes to help you succeed.

Advanced Electronics Contract Manufacturing

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

System level box build, integration, potting, and ruggedization

Traceability and lot control with QR barcoding

New Product Introduction (NPI) support through End-of-Life

Four (4) precision SMT lines with 3D vision for mission-critical reliability

High mix, low volume to higher volume lot sizes

Turnkey or consignment solutions

Rigid and rigid-flex PCBAs – analog, digital, power, high speed, CPU, RF

High Density Interconnect (HDI) assemblies with high layer stackups, blind and buried vias, and microvias

Precision placement expertise – 0.3mm pitch BGA/FPGA, 01005 and 0201, Flip Chip, Chip-on-Board (COB)

Precision placement accuracy to +/- 1.5 microns

Bare PCB autoloaders 20” X 24”

3D solder paste inspection, 3D inline AOI, 100% X-ray inspection

Convection ovens with 13 heat zones, profiles via Datapaq

Nitrogen-compressed automated selective soldering

Separate leaded and RoHS lead free lines

Automated conformal coating – Nordson 940E programmable jet sprayer

Functional and In-Circuit Testing (ICT)

Engineering (DFM and DFT)

Valor Engineering and Manufacturing system

Silicon Expert components database

Real-time MRP/ERP

Counterfeit parts detection per IDEA-STD-1010

BGA Ersa IR/PL 650 rework system

BGA underfill

Smart Sonic ultrasonic stencil cleaner

Mirtec MV3L batch AOI

Westek Formula 214RS in-line DI waterwash

Aqueous Technologies Trident III batch water wash with saponifier

Two week RMA turnarounds

IPC 7711 rework, IPC 7721 repairs

ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014 compliant

With Prime as your electronics manufacturing partner, we have you covered for your custom PCBA and box build requirements. From the design stage to End-of-Life, Prime supports your product’s entire life cycle, including initiatives to speed time-to-market, improve the reliability, and lower your prototyping and production costs.

New Product Introduction (NPI)

At the initial design stage, our Engineering Team will provide Design for Manufacturability (DFM) and Design for Testing (DFT) services to help guide you towards designing a more manufacturable and cost-effective product. Our Manufacturing and Quality Teams will complete the NPI process by building your prototypes to your exact specifications.

HDI PCB Assembly

High Density Interconnect (HDI) SMT Lines – 3D solder paste inspection, high-speed precision Panasonic chip shooters, 13-zone convection ovens, 3D in-line AOI, X-Ray
Technology – rigid or rigid-flex HDI PCBAs with blind and buried vias and microvias, 0.3mm BGA/FPGA, 01005s to 0201s
Inspection – 100% in-line 3D AOI and X-Ray on every BGA and leadless chip
Operators – IPC/J-STD trained to Class 2 and 3, IPC-A-610 certified inspectors

Precision PCB Assembly

Precision SMT Lines – 3D solder paste inspection, two (2) high-speed Siemens or Assembleon chip shooters, 13-zone convection ovens, AOI, X-Ray
Technology – rigid and metal PCBAs, fine-pitch and standard ICs, 0402s to 1206s
Inspection – 100% X-Ray on every BGA and leadless chip, batch AOI
Operators – IPC/J-STD trained to Class 2 and 3, IPC-A-610 certified inspectors


Dedicated testing team for analog, digital, RF, or power applications, including HP 3070 in-circuit testing (ICT), bed of nails, boundary scan, and JTAG

Automated Conformal Coating

Acrylic, urethane, and silicone coating, ensures accurate viscosity and eliminates the costly labor need for masking

Box Build & System Integration

Top level Box Build and full system integration and testing of PCBAs, cables, harnesses, and sub-assemblies

PCBA Ruggedization

PCBA Ruggedization, selective solder, underfill, staking, potting

Traceability & Lot Control

Every PCBA has its own QR barcode for tracking reels and materials back to specific suppliers


Value Adds

Counterfeit Parts – detection per IDEA-STD-1010

RMAs – repair metric of two weeks for workmanship issues per IPC 7711 rework standards and IPC 7721 repair standards

ESD – compliant to ANSI/ESD S20.20-2014

Valor Manufacturing System – Valor is the PCB industry’s first true end-to-end software solution, from product design to the manufacturing shop floor. Valor software covers all phases of PCB manufacturing from new product introduction to assembly and test.

Silicon Expert Components Database – ability to search 1 Billion semiconductors, passives & electromechanical components for cross references, lifecycle, parametric, obsolescence forecasts, regulation compliance, and inventory data.


Prime employs tenured and seasoned professionals to manage your account, and to provide you with first class service. Each program manager will be there to help you meet your requirements as they interact with our manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain teams. In essence, they serve the role of conductor.

Our Supply Chain Team brings experience and commitment to sourcing certified materials and components that meet industry standards. Over the years, they have developed and established key relationships with our strategic franchise distributor partners, which in turn help us when stock shortages occur or when we need lower costs to help us meet your expectations.

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Design Engineering

Prime offers Design for Manufacturability (DFM) review, and Design for Testing (DFT)

Process Engineering

Prime reviews gerber and CAD ODB++ data, evaluates aperture volumes for stencil designs, and programs and balances SMT lines


We have a dedicated testing team for analog, digital, RF, or power applications, including HP 3070 in-circuit testing (ICT), bed of nails, boundary scan, and JTAG

Guarantee to Quality

At Prime, we understand that almost right isn’t good enough. We are honored to have earned our customers’ trust and respect for manufacturing their electronics to the highest quality and reliability. We understand that our customer’s reputation and brand integrity relies on our performance. We have built our company for years on a foundation of quality. Our team members, systems, equipment assets, processes, and leadership combine to create a focus and culture surrounding quality that is unsurpassed in the EMS industry.

Commitment to Lean

At Prime, we understand that in today’s highly competitive, time-based economy, our customer’s resources are precious. No customer or potential customer can afford to waste time, money, social capital, or any other asset on inefficient, non-value added activity. Neither can we.

We are committed in all aspects of our business to lean thinking and lean operating principles. To us, lean is “a mindset centered on the empowerment of people to pursue the elimination of waste from every business process with the ultimate goal of providing world-class quality, delivery, and service to our customers at the lowest possible cost.”

These lean operating principles align perfectly with our core values as a company. We strive to stay firmly grounded in activity that adds value to the customer, work constantly to improve the design, performance, and flow of those activities, and to do so in an open and inclusive manner with all of our team members. Dedication to these principles makes us a better business partner that is more capable of supporting our customer’s growth.